the Court



the story so far…

for reasons of their own, our heroes find themselves resident in the small trading town of absalom when the raxvian imperial forces ride into town and “offer” their protection to the city’s ruling council. once installed in the city, the raxvians seal the gates and begin rounding up all non-human residents and registering them with the bureaucracy. its during one of these censuses that the party members first come to the attention of the raxvian administration in town and to lt. holxa, a commanding officer.

each of the party members is brought individually before lt. holxa and given the choice: briefly serve in the raxvian military with slavish devotion or well, have their throats slit. opting for door #1 our heroes are given supplies and orders to travel to a small farming village in the southeast and await further instructions.

once in the village the members of the expedition are met by a young rax named nicholai. although he has the look and manner of a soldier he gives no rank and wears no uniform. he does have further orders however: the party will be investigating a ruined monastery on the high plains. they’re orders are to record any interesting or unsual details about the location and bring back any artefacts found in the site. nick gladly also informs the party that lt. holxa used the opportunity of their tête-à-têtes to lay a magical binding upon them. if they don’t manage to make it back to absalom in 30 days with something useful their hearts will rupture in their chests.



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